"Fuel Pacer" Light on 1970's Era Imperials and Chryslers

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Question from Dick:

I am not familiar with the term "fuel minder". Is this the same deal that operates the "check gauges" light on earlier models? If so, this is a purely electrical device, monitoring charging rate, oil pressure, fuel level and engine temperature signals in a small metal box mounted under the lip of the dashboard, near the left edge of the glovebox (at least in 1968).


 From Brad:

The Fuel Minder was a small vacuum actuated switch that would illuminate the left fender mounted turn signal indicator when engine vacuum was low in attempts to encourage the driver to back their foot off the throttle some.

From John:

Also, 60-63 use a non-vented cap & 64-66 use a vented cap. This is very important.

From Steve:

I believe the correct terminology is Fuel Pacer? The left side directional-signal light mounted atop the front fender would light up when the gas pedal was mashed and the manifold vacuum dropped below a certain amount. This was an option in '75 and other years. With this "Fuel Pacer" option, you got the directional lights atop both front fenders while the left side one did double duty as the Fuel Pacer light. Those lights were not standard equipment...as I thought they were. My '75 Imp does not have 'em. The wiring is there though...and I have the light assemblies from another Chrysler product. I just can't get myself to drill into the fenders just for the sake of having those cool lights atop the fenders. Other late '60s and early '70s Big Chryslers that I had all had those lights...but no "Fuel Pacer".

From James:

Just to clarify this one, the directional lights were available without the fuel pacer system, as is the case with my '76. Does anyone out there actually have the fuel pacer system on their car? I always thought this was a relatively rare option. Does it actually help train you to be a more efficient driver, or is it just a nuisance? I have a feeling that if I had it, I would see that little light frequently :)

Follow-up from Brad:

It is a simple vacuum diaphragm switch (about the size of a silver dollar) and a diode. Pretty simple. I've driven one years ago and it made a difference for me. If nothing else it makes you feel guilty.

Follow-up from Carl:

I recently owned a 76 NYB with the No-cost Economy Option (the 400ci with the 2bbl) and it had the fuel pacer option. It was a bit of a nuisance because it glowed VERY brightly when I had a heavy foot, but unfortunately, it did not modify my driving habits.

Follow-up from John:

Back in 1978, I recall riding in a coworkers Dart that had this option. I would think that it would become a distraction, since every time you step briskly on the gas, the light comes on & when you get at that in between point, it flickers on & off.

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