Diagnosis and Repair of Problems With Your Imperial's Accelerator Pedal


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Question from Greg (1964 - '65 interchange):

Does anyone know if an accelerator pedal for a '64 is also the correct one for a '65 Imperial? The part number is 2406175. My restoration shop has my parts manual therefore I can't look this up myself. My pedal is worn out and I need another but don't want to buy the wrong one!


From Paul:

I think this would depend on whether the '64 shared the cable type throttle linkage with the '65 Imperial, or used the mechanical linkage like the '63.

I believe that appearance wise, they do look the same, but due to the above, I don't know if they will interchange.

From Chris:

According to the 1964 Parts Manual, #2406175 is a pedal off a New Yorker. The 1964 Imperial used part #2463766.

But if you found pedal #2463766 it would likely be correct for 1965 also, but I don't have a 1965 parts book to verify.

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