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Question from Dennis (1953):

I recently asked anyone for info on getting a strap for my 53 imperial. I was told I could buy the strap material and re-make one. Where do you buy that kind of steel? How about any sources for a new strap? Does anyone sell those?


From Kerry:

Dennis I had to make one for my 54 which I'm sure was the same. When I removed the tank for cleaning, one of the mounting bolts twisted off on the strap. Instead of making a new strap, I welded a new bolt on it.

However, you can get a piece of 24 gauge galvanized sheet metal cut at any sheet metal shop toe proper width. All you will have to do then is have the ends welded on. As I remember the back mounting of the strap has a bolt welded to the strap. In the trunk is a DEEP nut with a built in washer. The washer stays inside the trunk floor while the nut part screws over the bolt. Don't have a photo and I've sold my 54's so I can't be sure of the fasteners. These restoration sagas all kind of run together after a while...

I THINK the front is a hook of some type into something mounted on the front part of the trunk floor behind the rear axle.

I'd be VERY surprised if anyone makes reproduces this part. I believe you are going to have to have it made. It should be a simple thing though unless you want it 100% original looking. Remember you can't see the bolt and nut part unless you remove the strap and trunk carpet.

From Ted:

You might consider the strapping material used by industrial shippers to hold heavy metal parts on to wooden skids. This steel strapping is heavy duty stuff, I've used a lot of it over the years to protect machine parts from moving on skids. Find a friendly machine shop.

From Marty:

I saw an ad in Hemmings for a place that handles tanks and straps, Auto City Classic 1-800-828-2212. I have never used these people, just saw the ad.

From Joe:

Go to a store that sells flat steel or flat stock and have them cut off the the size that you need. If you have a vice you can bend the strap and have someone weld the hangers on.

Question from Greg (1955):

What is the best source for replacement gas tank straps for a 55 Imperial?

Reply from Tom:

I searched for some for my 56 a few years ago but wasn't successful. I ended up taking my old one to a local sheet metal/fabrication shop and they made me a set.  Beats running around the swap meets and they were probably cheaper too.

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