Imperial Fuel System Troubleshooting Repair Tips


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1.  Fuel Pump Leaks - Fuel

Possible Causes:

a.  Loose housing screws.

b.  Worn, ruptured or torn diaphragm.

c.  Loose diaphragm mounting plates.

d.  Loose inlet or outlet line fittings.

2.  Fuel Pump Leaks - Oil

Possible Causes:

a.  Cracked or deteriorated pull rod oil seal.

b.  Loose rocker arm pivot pin.

c.  Loose pump mounting bolts.

d.  Defective pump to block gasket.

3.  Insufficient Fuel Delivery

Possible Causes:

a.  Vent in tank filler neck restricted.  (This will also cause collapsed fuel tank.)

b.  Leaks in fuel line or fittings.

c.  Dirt or restriction in fuel tank.

d.  Worn, ruptured, or torn diaphragm.

e.  Frozen gas lines.

f.  Improperly seating valves.

g.  Vapor lock.

h.  Weak main spring.

i.  Incorrect fuel pump.

j.  Restricted fuel lines.

4.  Fuel Pump Noise

Possible Causes:

a.  Loose mounting screws.

b.  Scored or worn rocker arm.

c.  Weak or broken rocker arm spring.

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