(1967) Imperial Door Panel Removal


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67 Sedan Door Door Lock Tools
1967 Sedan Door Start by unscrewing door lock mechanism Tools you'll need, Allen Wrench, or Allen Wrench Screw Driver, Handy Dandy Tool for removing door panel clips (or large Flat Head Screw driver) and both a Phillips and Flat head Screw Driver
Door Pull Door Pull Removed Trim Screw
Lift up door pull and remove Philips Screw on each side   Remove Small Chrome trim piece
Map Compartment Screw under door Handle Panel Screws
Open Map Compartment remove 2 Screws Remove Screw under Door Handle On Front Doors Remove 2 Screws at top of switch control Panel
Back of Panel Screw Behind Switch Panel Mirror Adjust Bezel
Carefully unplug Black Switch for Power Windows, Green Wire on Lighter, and Ground Wire on Lighter

Remove Screw behind Switch Plate

Now Carefully remove Lower Panel by either using large flat screw Driver to remove clips

You can also now remove door handle with Allen Wrench from center inset screw.

On Front Doors Remove Bezel on Mirror adjustment by inserting special tool or using needle nose pliers in notches and unscrew.
Now you're cleared to remove top door panels as well. Snap out clips on each side of panel and then carefully lift up on upper panel. Reassemble by following these instructions in Reverse!  

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