Dash Vent Repair Information for 1964-1966 Imperials

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Do the dash vents on your 1964, 1965, or 1966 Imperial refuse to stay in their upright and locked position?  Are you tired of trying to wedge matchsticks, matchbooks, toothpicks, and the family pet into the dash to hold up your vents?

If so, here's a quick, easy, economical, and even aesthetically pleasing solution to this chronic problem, courtesy of Bill Roddick:


First, locate a couple of inches of thin-wall, black, rubber vacuum tubing (available at any auto parts store). Cut a piece about 1/2" long, then slice down the center so it becomes a "U" instead of an "O". Taper one end a bit and wedge into a corner where the vent goes into its "box" with the inside curves wrapped around the vent's outer corners. I used just one for each vent and "voila!!"  The vent is upright, and the shim is barely noticeable!

Please click on the small pictures below for a larger version.


These pictures show how to cut the tube . . . 

. . .here's the "shim" being placed in position . . . 

and here it is in its final location.



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