Chrysler Technical Service Bulletins For The 1981 - 1983 Imperial

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Here is a complete listing of the available service bulletins:


02-02-81Rear Suspension Noise

08-01-81Radio Noise (Whine)-All Radios Except Digital Search-Tune

08-02-81 Digital Control Garage Door Opener Feature

08-03-81 Electronic Fuel Injection Parts Return Procedure

08-04-81Electronic Instrument Cluster Service Module Exchange

08-04-81 Supplement-A to Above, With Toll-Free Phone Number

08-05-81 Engine Spark Knock

08-06-81 Electronic Fuel Injection Calibration

08-09-81 Early Failure of Ash Receiver, Key Switch, or Accessory Switch Lamp Bulb (Vehicles Built Prior to 11/21/81)

08-12-81 Erratic Fuel Gauge Readings

08-14-81 Spark Plug Gap Change

08-18-81"Pop" in Radio Speakers When A/C Clutch Disengages

08-21-81Idle Quality and Spark Knock

08-22A-81Radio Interference From Wiper Motor

08-24-81 Fusible Link Replacement

11-01-81Catalytic Converter Pipe Repair

11-01A-81Catalytic Converter

14-07-81Power Module Replacement

14-21-81LPG (Propane) Usage in Chrysler Corporation Engines

17-01-81Rear Spring Squeak During Cold Weather Driving

21-04-81Automatic Transmission Fluid Level

22-03-81Tire Inflation Pressure

23-02-81Exterior Paint Colors

23-02A-81Exterior Paint Colors and Repair Procedures

23-03-81Fuel Filler Cavity Rust Stains (Early-Built '81 Models)

23-16-81 Concealed Headlamp Doors

23-21-81 Deck Lid Drain and Corrosion Protection (Imperials Built Prior to 01/26/81)

23-24-81 Replacement of Outside Rear-View Mirror Glass

24-07-81 Heater-A/C Blower Motor Noise in Radio Speakers

24-08-81 Air Conditioning Diagnosis and Test Procedure

24-09-81 A/C Line Interference

26-01-81 1981 Vehicle Identification Number

26-02-81 Rust proofing Application

26-03-81Form-in-Place Gaskets and Sealers

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