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Master Technician Service Conference Films
- Chrysler's Training Films for Mechanics -

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As of November 2017 we now only need the following:

(1950) Volume 3 #7 Gauge Groundwork [Film Needed]

(1951) Volume 4 #8 FirePower Engine Facts [Record Needed] [Film Needed]

(1960) Session 147 Ram Induction Fuel System And Valiant Brakes [Record Needed]

(1963) Volume 63 #12 Customer Care [Record Needed] [Film Needed]


Gary Kuklo is the primary Volunteer Webmonster who has been converting all of these rare films into a current viewable format. Please enjoy this labor of love that we and especially Gary, have chosen to preserve for future owners. Here is the complete listing of all films we have on line currently. These films are incredibly rare and hard to put on line. As we find them, Gary gets them posted here. If you have any MTSC films, we'd love to digitize them and put the on the website. You can contact us here.
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