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IMPERIAL is the Make of the car for 1955-1975, even if manufactured by CHRYSLER.

The Chrysler Corporation started production of cars in late 1925 as 1926 models. The top of the line model was the IMPERIAL, and top of the line Chryslers were always the IMPERIAL until 1955, when Chrysler separated Imperial into its own division. This was the case 1955-1975. All cars made during this 20 year period are Imperial and may have a model name such as "Custom, Crown, Crown Coupe, Le Baron, & Ghia (Limousine)".

The name IMPERIAL was a separate division and marque. Lincoln is a Ford product, and Cadillac is a GM product, and so too was Imperial a product of Chrysler, but they were always badged as IMPERIAL and NEVER said "Chrysler" on the car or its literature. This was Chrysler's attempt to compete with the two other luxury makes at the time, but since no separate dealerships were established, they were routinely referred to as "Chrysler Imperials" which is incorrect.

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