How To Disconnect Your Imperial's Transmission From the Driveshaft


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Question from Tony:

I have the MOTORS, Chiltons and National Service Data books to help me remove my '61 cast-iron Torqueflite transmission, but the explanations are very sketchy - Not too different from the shop-manual, and they all say something like "Disconnect front end of driveshaft and secure it off to the side." This is NOT helpful advice. I've unbolted both ends of the two-piece driveshaft, and it won't budge. The last time I dropped a transmission was thirteen years ago, and none of this is ringing any bells for me. Am I going to have to disconnect the center-support bearing TOO?


From Brett:

Yep... You should disconnect the rear u-joint, then unbolt the front of the shaft from the parking brake drum... then the two bolts holding the carrier bearing bracket. Carefully let the rear section down and pull the entire drive shaft towards the rear of the car.

From GS:

Having worked in a transmission shop, I learned that it is always best to completely remove the driveshaft, first of all it is then out of your way.  Secondly, it won't be in your way trying to re-install your transmission.  My question is why would you want to remove this beast???  It is very heavy, especially if you are not using a transmission jack, and unless there is some drastic problem, most everything can be adjusted, repaired, or maintained through the valve body removal.  The Chrysler Torqueflite transmission, as you know, are the best transmissions ever built, it is very difficult to hurt them.

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