Tips On How To Disassemble and Assemble Your Imperial's U-joints


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1)  Straighten one end of the bushing retainer strap, and remove it from the bushings.  (The universal joint bushing retainer strap is used to hold the bushings onto the cross during assembly and disassembly.)  Remove the universal joint bushings.


2)  Remove the retainers and press the bushing out of the shaft yoke by pushing the opposite bushing in.


3)  Remove the remaining bushing by pushing on the opposite end of the cross.


4)  Remove and discard old seals from the bushing seal retainers.  Do not remove seal retainers from the cross.


5)  Using a small screwdriver lightly pry the roller retainers out of the bushings and remove the rollers.


6)  Thoroughly clean and dry all parts and inspect for wear, pitted or brinnelled surfaces.





1)  Coat the inside of the bushing slightly with universal joint grease and line the inside circumference of the bushings with rollers.  ( Care should be taken that all of the rollers are re-installed.)  Re-install the roller retainers.


2)  Force universal joint grease between the rollers of all four bushings and fill the reservoirs in the ends of cross.  Install new seals.


3)  Install the two bushings and rollers, and hold in place with the retainer strap.


4)  Place the cross in the shaft and press the bushings into place and install the retainers.


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