Imperial U-Joints & Driveshaft Troubleshooting Repair Tips


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a.  Excessive grease  in U-joint dust boot.

b.  Loose trunnion pin.

c.  Worn U-joint bearings or missing needle bearings.

d.  Propeller shaft sprung or out of balance.

e.  Worn U-joint housing.

f.   Spring center bolt not in seat.

g.  Loose companion flange.

h.  Bent companion flange.

i.   Broken rear spring.

j.  Weak springs.

k.  Pin not centered.

l.   Companion flange not aligned.

m.  Rear springs not matched.

n.  Improper drive line angularity.

o.  Improper height of center bearing.

p.  Undercoating or other foreign material on shaft.



a.  Lack of lubrication.

b.  Worn u-joint pin or housing.

c.  Inspect u-joint bearing for wear.

d.  Propeller shaft flange nuts loose.

e.  On driveshafts that have splines, make sure and check if they are excessively loose, inspect splines on shaft or in flange for wear or damage.  You should replace the shaft or flange to correct condition.

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