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1981-1983 Imperial Fuel Injection Tour - Won't Start After Warm-Up

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Question from Randy:

My Imperial wouldn't start after returning from a store. Since 12 December, the Imperial has been in a Dodge service area.

On the 26th of this month, it was towed to my garage. The service department couldn't find the problem. The major parts they replaced (at no cost to me since they couldn't find and fix the problem) are:

1-4271868 Fuel Controller 1-4240487 (can't read their writing) 1-4091345 Auto shut down assembly


From Jay:

Does your Imperial crank? Fire? Is it getting fuel to the engine?

Follow-up from Randy:

It fires right up but dies after approximately 8 minutes. It acts as if a transistor was heating up and then opening.

Reply from Jay:

Do you still hear the fuel pump run after the car dies (ie, if you try to start it)?

From Dick:

One thought occurred to me - although 8 minutes is kind of a long time, it might be that when the Oxygen sensor warms up to operating temperature is when your car dies. The car should run fairly well without the O2 sensor connected, next time it does that to you, try just unplugging the O2 sensor (looks sort of like a spark plug threaded into the driver's side exhaust manifold, one black wire going to it). The plug is about 8 inches up the wire from the sensor. Then see if the car will run. If it does, I suspect the O2 sensor, which is easy to change, and cheap.

Another easy thing to do is verify that your air cleaner cover is securely fastened down and clamped, and take the 3" flex tube that comes over from the battery area off the car temporarily, this will guarantee that even if the temp controlled air valve is screwed up, the car will still be getting air flow across the sensor.

If none of the above helps, try this;

Get a small quantity of gas in a juice can of something, and loosen the wing-nut in the center of the air cleaner. Put about 2 tablespoons of gas right in the center of the air cleaner, and wait until it seeps down the center hole, then tighten the wing nut again, and I'll bet the car starts right up, at least for a few seconds. Lets confirm that this is the case, then we'll take it from there.

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