1926 Chrysler Imperial Factory & Publicity Photos


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(Some of these images will enlarge, so just click on any small image to see a larger version.)




A 1926 Imperial E-80 convertible sedan from factory advertisement materials



1926 Imperial 80



A beautiful drawing of a 1926 Chrysler Imperial 7-passenger Sedan.



Another factory drawing, this time of a 1926 E-80 Limousine.



A 1926 Chrysler Imperial E-80 7-passenger sedan.



A 1926 Chrysler Imperial E-80 5-passenger Phaeton



Factory Photo - 1926 Imperial 5 passenger Phaeton



1926 Imperial Phaeton with windows closed



Another picture of a 1926 Chrysler Imperial Phaeton with the top down.



A family showing off their new Imperial Roadster



A customer taking delivery of his Imperial Roadster



A beautiful picture of a 1926 Chrysler Imperial E-80 4-passenger Roadster.



Another  Roadster with its top up; the wonderful two-tone paint really jazzed up the Roadster.



1926 Imperial Roadster... (or is it?)
These two photos came into the website as a 1926 Roadster, but observe the differences compared to the other 1926 Roadster photos - vertical windshield and shape, protruding door hinges, door handle placement, small lights on cowl, small panels forward of door....



1926 Imperial Roadster... (or is it?)



1926 Imperial as pace car at Indy 500
Louis Chevrolet (driver) and WPC (?)





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