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Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Club Coupe


This was sent in to the club this month (February 2012) and here's what the seller had to say about this restored LeBaron:


Hi, I recently read your request for the new owner of the 1928 Imperial le Baron Club Cabriolet advertised on Ebay to get in touch with your club. That car is now I believe in Holland. We have a 'sister' car, the former "Pat Craig of Scanton Club" Coupe show car, chassis no. EP-107P. Since being bought at auction in 1995, the car was displayed as a static exhibit at a hotel in Teneriffe, then shipped to the UK and stored in less than perfect conditions for 10 years. We acquired it in 2008 and it is now fully recommissioned, running beautifully and in full road going condition. Details at www.auto-invest.co.uk If any of your members want to return it to the USA. I believe that only two of the 25 made still exist? best regards David churchill/Auto-Invest

Deserving of its claim of being America's first muscle car, the Chrysler Imperial series spearheaded company founder Walter Chrysler's ambition to become a leading producer of high value prestige cars alongside Cadillac and Packard which began in 1926 with the introduction of the first E-80 Imperial models. By 1928 the company was offering ever bigger and more powerful versions culminating in the L-80 Imperial with a standard wheelbase of 136 inches powered by a mighty 6.1 to 1 compression 5,200cc straight six engine producing a huge (in the context of the time) 112 bhp. It was available with a variety of different body styles but for the ultimate exclusivity, the coachbuilt Club Coupe with Rumble seat ('Dickey seat') by Le Baron was top of the range and could not be bettered. Obviously appealing to a very exclusive and wealthy clientel in view of the enormous price tag, production was limited to just 25 cars.

This particular car was previously owned by California collector Pat Craig who restored it to concours standard in the early 1980's. Exhibited widely at shows and the subject of magazine articles, copies of which are still readily available on the internet, it is without doubt the definitive surviving example of the model. It is also a testament to the quality of the original restoration as well as the limited use it has had that the car remains in such outstanding condition today, some 30 years later. Unused since 1996, this company has undertaken a year long re-commission of this magnificent automobile including full rebuild of the the braking system, cooling system, new tyres, renewal of all lubricants, new mohair fabric roof covering, new leather upholstery to front seats, rechroming, french polishing of all interior woodwork. It is now UK registered, has a current Mot and is historic tax exempt.

Interesting original features include the wind-down rear window allowing occupants of the rumble seat to communicate with cabin passengers, opening front windscreen, Stewart vacuum petrol pump system, Arvin heater, engine-turned dashboard Buffalo wire wheels and of course the trademark golf club compartment. On the road, this late vintage era machine performs exceptionally well, producing enormous torque as well as capable of offering the claimed original 80 mph cruising capability (hence L-80) although perhaps 65 mph might be kinder! The Ross patented cam and lever steering box system is direct and not unduly heavy once under way and the brakes are exceptionally effective being hydraulic expanding shoe design all round and a feature which attracted particular praise from the motoring press of the day. It is fitted with new Firestone tyres all round.

At a time when the description 'rare' is becoming increasingly overused and innaccurate, here is an opportunity to acquire an extraordinary and exceptionally rare car which offers timeless good looks and real usability which belie its 84 years.

Sensible offers are invited.


If you are interested in any of the vehicles on the website, please get in contact with Auto Invest either by emailing us at info@auto-invest.co.uk or contacting us directly by telephone on 01363 83909.


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We hope the new owner shares more photos of this beauty with us soon!

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