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These are some photos taken of my 1928 Imperial 80, 5 passenger sedan. My father originally rescued this car in 1965 from a used car dealer in Schenectady N.Y. The lot owner had hastily pushed the car across the parking lot with a snow plow and shoved it into a large pile of fresh snow. Damaging the front fenders in the process. Dad immiediately fell in love with the car and rushed into the office to inquire about it. Well, a few strokes of the pen and 75 dollars later my father was the proud owner. With a little help from a friend and a tow rope the car was limped home to his garage where it sat for the next 30 yrs. As a child I would sit behind the wheel and pretend to drive. Hoping someday I could reach the pedals... Life led me away from NY after highschool but in the late 90's, Dad, with some major help from his friend Steve Resnick, spent 7 yrs. restoring her to her previous glory. Since then she has seen many a driven mile and quite a few shows. (With a handful of trophies to prove it)

It now resides with me at my home in Livingston, Montana. Awaiting Spring, and snow free roads.

ps. A few details of this 1928 include buffalo wheels,and the "Red Head" in line six. Hydraulic Brakes (New in 1928, I've been told) And a dashboard controlled in-cab heater.

Derek Johnston


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We hope Derek will share more photos of this very rare Imperial with us!


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