1929 Chrysler Imperial Photos

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A 1929 L-80 Roadster, note the pop-up windshield for the rumble seat

Same 1929 Roadster

Same Roadster - Rear View

Possibly another picture of the same Roadster.

A Series 80 Roadster displaying the small door for the rumble seat, and the pop-up windscreen.
A Custom bodied L-80 Imperial Roadster

Another Series 80 Roadster

1929 Roadster owned by Jack Dempsey

A 1929 Imperial L-80 Roadster was spotted at a recent car show.

This photo shows that the roadster had a fold-down windshield as opposed to the convertible coupe, which had a fixed windshield. This roadster also has the optional two-tone paint.

Another 1929 L-80 Roadster sporting gorgeous two-toned paint

This example of the 1929 Roadster sports a custom body by Locke
The 1929 Imperial 80

1929 Imperial L-80 5 Passenger Sedan on display at the JEM car museum

Here is another example of the 5-passenger sedan

A 1929 Chrysler Imperial L-80 Town Car Sedan

A factory drawing of a Series 80 7 Passenger Sedan

A factory drawing of a Series 80 7 Passenger Sedan with two tone paint factory paint

1929 Chrysler Imperial 7-passenger Limousine

The stylish 1929 interior and dash

"Imperial" Elegance for 1929

Imperial 7 Passenger


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