A 1931 Chrysler Imperial Close Coupled Sedan in Denmark

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This classic Imperial from Denmark, was offered for auction in April 2016.

Here's what the seller had to say about this early Sedan:

Chrysler Imperial Sedan, 5-seater limousine, year 1931

(Webmonster's note: This is a 1931 Imperial Close Coupled Sedan, not a Limousine)

Motor Number: CG 2778

Body Number: 7801758

Provenance: The Nordsoe Collection since 1963

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In the same way as the Plymouth name in its time was given to the less expensive Chrysler models, the label Imperial was created when Chrysler wanted to try its hand in the luxury market. Chrysler set the bar high and compared itself with Packard, Lincoln and Cadillac. The first Imperial was produced in 1926, while the car offered here is from the first year of the model's greatly improved successor, 1931.

The new Imperial had a completely new engine with eight cylinders and a supremely elegant design, almost regardless of which of the many body versions it had. Very particular customers could acquire the car without coachwork and have it built themselves. Generally speaking, Chrysler achieved their ambition with the model, but it came right at the time of the Great Depression - a highly unfortunate period in which to launch any luxury motor car. As a result not many of the Imperial were sold, even though Chrysler among other things publicized the strength of the model with a number of speed records at Daytona Beach in 1931.

For its day the car was both luxurious and very fast, and maybe due to the latter attribute the present car found its way to favour with the police force in the Danish town of Holstebro! The guardians of law had presumably never driven better and would not only have been able to enjoy the fine performance but excellent comfort too.

The Imperial came to the Nordsoe Collection in 1963, and was subsequently restored and driven by Erik Jacobsen. The car is one of the three cars in the collection that were kept road-ready after Erik Jacobsen's death in 1983. It was not prepared for long-term storage until directly after the barn doors were closed on the collection in the mid-1990s. Preparation for storage included the engine and cooling system, and the car was put up on blocks. The car is whole and complete. Paintwork and metal trim (mostly nickel rather than chrome) show significant marks of time, and today the car is not immediately ready to drive.

The auction is closing: 29/03/2016 14:02:37

Showroom: DK, Aarhus, Ega Havvej

CLOSING BID: 1529728 29/03/2016 14:00:37 DKK 200,000 (EUR 26,800) (about $30,500)


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