1931 Chrysler Imperial Spotter's Guide

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For 1931, Chrysler introduced some of the most beautiful cars of their time. Even the Chrysler Six looked good, while the Imperials were truly outstanding. The Imperials were, to an extent, based on the design of the Cord L-29.

A pair of '31 Imperials, a sedan and a roadster, burned up the sands of Daytona Beach, where the roadster reached 90.4 MPH in the flying mile, with the sedan only 0.1 MPH slower. These two cars set 12 Class B stock car marks in the AAA record books.

The 1931 Imperial CG series rode on a 145" platform, powered by a 385-cid straight eight.

Close-Coupled Sedan

Close-Coupled Sedan



LeBaron-Bodied Roadster

LeBaron-Bodied Roadster



1931 Imperial Dual-cowl Phaeton - front view

These photos of a 1931 Imperial Dual-cowl Phaeton were taken on October 3, 1996



1931 Imperial Dual-cowl Phaeton - side view

This Imperial belongs to the Chrysler Museum and this is the first time that it has been out of the museum



1931 Imperial Dual-cowl Phaeton - rear view

It was part of a collection of 49 cars worth more than 50 million dollars. They were in New York for a classic auto competition. They didnšt say which cars won.

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