1931 Chrysler Imperial Factory and Publicity Photos

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Anita Page and her 1931 Chrysler Imperial Convertible Roadster
A 1931 Dual Cowl Phaeton
1931 Chrysler Imperial Dual Cowl Phaeton by Lebaron
Imperial Dual Cowl Touring
Imperial CG Roadster
Billy Arnold's '31 Imperial
CG Roadster Interior and Rumble Seat
Windshield Wiper mechanism on the '31 Convertible
LeBaron Convertible Sedan
LeBaron Convertible Sedan
Another picture of the Le Baron Convertible Sedan
A Le Baron Landaulet
Imperial 4 Door Sedan
Imperial "8" Formal Sedan with odd louvres and unusual door handles.
-Dan Phenicie adds: There is a picture of this car, a 1931 Chrysler Imperial CG, on page 178, 70 Years of Chrysler by George H. Damman. Quoting, "Of very formal line was this custom sedan constructed on the Imperial 8 chassis by Ambi-Budd Presswerk of Berlin, Germany. In addition to the full custom body, the rear fenders and the hood have been reworked, with the hood now sporting long, wide horizontal louvers rather than the thin vertical louvers of the Imperial. Other oddities include the rather archaic door handles, dual rear mounted spares, and long goose neck taillight mounting."
This car is not known to have survived . . .
A Factory Drawing of the same Custom German Sedan above
1931 Imperial at night
Same 1931 Imperial at night, but now with a different license plate ..... Bootleggers(?)
A beautiful black 1931 Imperial Roadster
1931 Chrysler Imperial CG factory photo taken in the Chrysler Building lobby
1931 Chrysler Imperial CG Roadster
1931 Chrysler Imperial CG close-coupled sedan, Photo provided by Dan Phenicie
Interior of a CG close-coupled Sedan
1931 Chrysler Imperial CG close-coupled Sedan after an accident, Photo provided by Dan Phenicie
1931 Chrysler Imperial CG chassis fitted with custom European coachworks, Photo provided by Dan Phenicie
1931 Chrysler Imperial Limousine
View of Drivers side
A factory drawing of a 1931 CG Limousine
Factory drawing of the 1931 CG factory bodied close-coupled Sedan with "standard equipment" trunk
1931 Chrysler Imperial Roadster
1931 Chrysler Imperial CG close-coupled Sedan, with optional wooden spoke wheels
Here is a publicity shot of a 1931 Imperial Phaeton.
A 1931 Imperial Roadster.


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