1932 Imperial Spotter's Guide

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The following information is a visual guide to identifying and enjoying Imperials of this model-year. Unless otherwise mentioned, all features described are unique to this model-year. This page was maintained by Dwight M. Cannon, and anyone else who wishes to contribute information as time goes by - Please provide as much information as you can, whether in the form of text or images! (See the bottom of this page for feedback info).

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The 1932 Imperial line consisted of two series: the CH, which rode on a 135" wheelbase, and a CL series, used for custom models, riding on a 146" platform. Both series used the same powertrain. Below are a few examples of these fine vehicles.

1932 Imperial Series CH CL Dual-cowl Phaeton, body by LeBaron, one of 14 built
1932 Imperial Series CH CH Five-passenger Sedan
1932 Imperial CL by LeBaron CL Convertible Sedan with bodywork by LeBaron
This beauty, one of only 49 built, is powered by a 385-ci straight-eight
!932 Imperial CL Close-Coupled Sedan
!932 Imperial Eight Sedan
!932 Imperial 1932 Imperials (and polo player with mount - but of course!)...
!932 Imperial ...as seen in this print ad.

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