Russ Bees' 1935 Chrysler Imperial Imperial Airflow Coupe

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Owner 1Used car lot, Level Green, PA, seen by Ellis Claar
Owner 2Bill Braun, Worthington, PA
Owner 3Rev. Roy M. Bowser (deceased), Kittaning, PA
Owner 4John Heimerl
Owner 5Chuck Cochran.
Chuck had the car restored by H&H Collision and Paint in Alliance, Ohio.
The car had approximately 74,000 miles on it. The original paint color was Polo Green Poly but now the color is Putty Beige.
New OwnerRuss Bees.
We will be using the car for touring (longer distances) as well as for show. What we enjoy most is pointing out the many interesting items of Art Deco to people who usually have many questions as well about this unusual car. The car was born just two weeks before my own birth so that causes a lot of bonding.

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