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1939 Imperial Derham Convertible Sedan



This photo came into the website from B.L.Phillips on Wed, 09/16/2009 ... "Near Idyllwild, California, circa 1945. Photo is of my grandmother and uncle with a 1939 Chrysler Imperial Limousine."




1939 Custom Imperial Model C-24 Limousine plus 5 & 7 passenger models.

These Photos and Information courtesy of Jim and Timo Martin


Rear seat with center arm rest, common to all C-24's. Cigar lighter & ash receptacle on either side.


Front Limo Compartment. Notice rubber floor mat & absence of plastic on dash board. 81 out of 117 Limos were furnished with leather front. 36 furnished with rear fabric carried to the front seats & panels.


5 passenger cabinet. Notice plastic on dash board. Foot rest on all models.


5 passenger rear cabinet


7 passenger with left jump seat stored. 5 & 7 passenger have interior lights on pillar. Limo has pillars covered with center divider window mechanism.


Rear of 7 passenger sedan with left jump seat partially folded for storage.


Rear door pattern & fabric


Drivers door panel fabric and pattern


Right rear quarter showing Cigar lighter, ash receptacle & arm rest.


Front side view. Lettering on smoke stack in distance spells "Hudson"


Frontal View


Side view


Another Side view





Chrysler Imperial Parade Phaeton (possibly Derham?)


Another picture of the same Chrysler Imperial Parade Phaeton





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A factory line drawing of a 1939 Chrysler Imperial Coupe



Another view of a 1939 Chrysler Imperial Coupe



1939 Chrysler Imperial sedan



A '39 Sedan in a Dealer Showroom



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