Imperial "NAGS" Glass Reference Pages 1946-1983

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"NAGS" pages courtesy of Vic Phillips, Phillips Classic Auto Glass, Poplar Bluff, MO., USA
Vic has a warehouse full of NOS and high quality reproduction glass and has caused the reproduction of numerous windshields for the hobby using the best manufacturers available.
Scans of pages performed by Wayne Graefen, Texas.

When looking up your car, it is best to open two or three pages from those available. Scans were taken from five different books and the listings are arranged differently in different years.

W is Windshield
V is Vent windows
P is Partition (limousine)
B is Back (rear)

Wayne Graefen
Kerrville, Texas

All 1957-1963 Imperial windshields and 1964-1966 Imperial convertible windshields are interchangable. (Custom, Crown, and LeBaron) (a W465 windshield) A standard 2-dr or 4-dr 1964-1966 Imperial windshield is different. Please be aware that there are two different shapes of the W465 windshield between 1957 and 1966. The original earlier style has a bubble area that bulges out slightly where the upper tinting is located. The other version is basically a straight line between the base of the windshield and the top of the windshield with no apparent bubble across the width of the windshield at the top.

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1946-1949 Glass 1950-1952 Glass 1953-1956 Glass 1956-1959 Glass
1957-1962 Glass 1959-1962 Glass 1960-1963 Glass 1964-1967 Glass
1967-1969 Glass 1969 Glass 1969-1975 Glass 1981-1983 Glass


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