1951 Crown Imperial Ambulance/Hearse

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This 1951 Imperial that has been converted to an ambulance/hearse appeared on eBay in May 2006.  The seller had this to say about the car:

This 1951 Chrysler Crown Imperial Limousine belonged to the Dixon-Rogers Funeral Home in Magnolia, KY.  It is a limo but was converted to a ambulance/hearse.  Back in the '50s, the morgue served also as the ambulance service . . . a short trip for some. This car has the modified doors on the passenger side that allow the post to open with the door which allows for placement of the stretcher. The original stretcher still remains in the car and it still has all of the lights and siren. This car has all of the bells and whistles including all of the vanity lights, power windows, fold down occupant seat as well as a full back seat.  It also has a pull down blind that was used for privacy.  The stretcher sits on a tile floor in the car.  This car cam original with a 331 hemi.  The motor was taken apart and is now in the trunk of the car; the transmission is missing.

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