Joe Brienza's 1952 Chrysler Imperial Sedan

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1952 Chrysler Imperial four door sedan.


The car is fair to good cosmetically, and good to very good mechanically.

The engine idles so quietly that you need to see the pulleys spinning to be sure that it is running. The Gyromatic shifts flawlessly and the brake system has been rebuilt with all new parts. The power steering works properly and does not leak. All the power windows work, too.

This car was originally light grey, and was repainted black at some point before ending up dark blue as it is today. The enamel paint and remaining Korean chrome is maintained with a 50:50 mix of kerosene and water. This is an old (circa 40s and 50s) NYPD trick for parade vehicles.

As modest a car as this is, it was good enough to take a fourth place trophy at a local car show this summer.

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