1952 Imperial Spotter's Guide

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The following information is a visual guide to identifying and enjoying Imperials of this model year. Unless otherwise mentioned, all features described are unique to this model-year.

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1952 four-door sedan, belonging to Ian Garbutt.  Two-toning and color-keyed sun visor were options, as were the white sidewall tires.  Styling, engineering and series designations continued from 1951;  standard models were C-54, and the two Crown Imperial body styles were C-53.  The only changes were the loss of the convertible from the product line-up, and Hydraguide power steering was no longer an option; it became standard on all 1952 Imperials.

Steve and Carrie Jones' 1952 sedan in Emerald Green. Look at the finish on that grill!  The Korean War was still on, and nickel was in short supply.  So, again this year as in '51, the brightwork consisted of a light plating followed by a clear-coat enamel finish.  The owner was instructed NOT to use regular chrome cleaners and polishes, but to maintain the brightwork like any other painted surface.   Of course, the paint would eventually wear away, and pitting would then begin in earnest in all but the driest climes.  To find a car with a grill as nice as this is a rare treat today!

An advertisement for the 1952 "Imperial by Chrysler", featuring a blue four-door sedan, a  red rose and blue velvet swatch.  In the early '50s,
Chrysler was marketing the Imperial to those with money and taste.  Their customers understood understated elegance, and could appreciate the finer points of quality engineering and manufacturing.  They didn't need a lot of chrome embellishments to know they had the "Finest Car America Has Yet Produced".  Notice the wide-whitewalls!

Another '52 ad, this one featuring a red  2-door hardtop, a red rose and white ermine swatch.  The interior appears to be finished in a reddish-tinted corduroy with red leather bolsters.  Such a car, if ever actually built, would probably be about the most flamboyant example of any '52 Imperial, especially as no convertibles were offered this year. 


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