Bob Martin's 1953 Imperial Sedan

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I fell in love with this car when it was traded in in Pueblo, CO in 1966.  It was immaculate and low mileage but it never went up for sale as it was purchased by someone who worked at the Chrysler dealer.  That owner sold the car in 1980 to the third owner.  In 1987, I was reading the Denver Post classified ads and saw a '53 Imperial for sale in Pueblo.  It turned out to be the same car, still low mileage at 76,000.

Since 1987, I have improved the steering with a new drag link, new tie rod ends, WWW radials, and gas shocks (which greatly improved the ride and handling).  My '53 is equipped with Powerflite, which I had rebuilt in 1998. Whatever maintenance the car needs, it gets!
Eventually, I want to repair some hail damage and the rusted rockers.  Also, the interior is very nice, but not correct as the previous owner decided to use the button pattern found on the door panels on the seats as well when he had the car reupholstered.  Since the car is in excellent shape, but not showroom condition, I drive it quite a bit with the intention of doing a major restoration someday.  I have put 100,000 miles (now reads about 183,000) on the car in 14 years, but most of those are road miles to various destinations in Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma.  I always carry tools, spare
parts, shop manual, and parts catalogue.  The hemi is still tight and performs well, but it isn't correct either as the previous owner had the valve covers chromed.
Thanks to contacts, mostly through the WPC club, I have the original showroom literature and owner's manual.  My friends love the Imperial and I chauffeur newly weds and other dignitaries from time to time.  Look forward to some shows and meeting fellow Chrysler enthusiasts.


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