Joe's 1955 Imperial Newport

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In Joe's own words:

My family and I live in a 100 year old farmhouse on 6 acres just north of Cincinnati, Ohio.  There is an old barn with a three car garage added on that is home to the '55.  I am also the proud owner of a 1996 Chevrolet Impala (black cherry), a bright red customized 1995 extended cab Chevrolet P/U and the pride of the fleet is a 1951 Dodge pro-street pick up (project truck that has been worked on for ten years off and on).  I have traced the 55's ownership back through 5 generations and found out there are probably two more owners I have yet to find.  This poor car apparently started out in Chicago, went to Las Vegas then California then to Missouri, on to Connecticut and, finally, to its last home here in southern Ohio.



(Click on the small image to see a larger picture.)

Joe recently purchased this stunning example of a 1955 Imperial Newport.  What a beauty!!  He has never owned an Imperial before, but decided on this wonderful example of the "Hundred-Million-Dollar Look".

This side picture of Joe's car shows off the distinctive trim on the Imperial.  The chrome "spear" runs the length of the car and the full cut-out rear wheel wells are some of the noticeable differences between the 1955 and 1956 Imperial.

Joe's wonderful car is painted two-tone Canyon Tan with a White top.  Notice the full chrome bezels around the headlights:  another trim difference between the '55 and '56s.

This is a close-up shot of the Newport's hubcap.  Joe's car sports the correct wide, white wall tires.  Notice the Imperial script on the front fender.

Joe's car has a new interior with white leather and Canyon Tan cloth inserts.  A stunning interior...

Here is a picture of the backseat.  Notice the C-pillar light in the rear has a crown emblem embossed on it.  The interior of these cars have as much chrome trim as the outside.
The 331 Hemi was the standard engine in these Imperials.  Here is a detailed picture of Joe's Hemi.  The valve covers all have "Chrysler FirePower" stamped on them!!

In November of 2001, Joe sold his Imperial Newport to John Cassar of Howell, Michigan.  We hope John will enjoy this magnificent Imperial as much as Joe did!!

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