Otto Kleinjan's 1955 Imperial Sedan

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In 1996, I bought my 1955 Imperial Custom. I saw her at a local car show near my home in The Netherlands. As you can imagine, these cars are very rare in The Netherlands.  I had never seen a 1955 Imperial, although I can remember I saw one 45 years ago. Although it was not my intention to buy such a large car, I decided to buy it. Her condition is very original, though I have had to address several problems over the years, including repairs that I have made to the power brakes, radio, water pump, power steering hose, and a wheel bearing.  Last year I bought new tires which are identical to the original ones.  The car looks excellent, and is in a very good condition.


But still, it is a very large car, and I don't drive her often. Everybody is impressed when he (or she) sees the car. 





The 1955 Imperial only came in two body styles, the Newport (a coupe) and the Custom (a sedan).

Otto and his 1955 Custom Imperial

The side "spear" chrome is unique to the 1955 Imperial and beautifully illustrated in this photo.



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