Arnt Lienert's 1955 Imperial Station Wagon

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The story behind this unusual wagon is a mystery unfolding in steps, just as the process of its restoration.

We adjust our perspectives to the Ruhr Valley in Germany where Arnd Lienert lives, and where by good fortune, he found the car. It turns out that Dr. Lienert has a friend who owns an old factory building that he converted into an industrial park. One of his tenants used one of the spaces as an antique car garage/dealership. At one point this fellow stopped paying his rent, and left the place with as much as he could take. Dr. Lienert's friend wound up keeping the spoils, one of them being the wagon you see pictured here. I'm sure Germany has mechanic's liens and documents of that nature. So to make the long story short, Dr. Lienert bought the car from his friend which was a win win situation; since the friend had no interest in the car, it was taking up precious space, and Dr. Lienert was in the market for an interesting car.

Dr. Lienert is an orthopedic specialist with a wife and four children. He has other hobbies aside form old cars, and his wife breeds Andalusian horses.

Keep checking this page, as we receive photos from our good doctor during the restoration process.

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