Norm deCarteret's 1955 Imperial

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The Imperial came from Merlyn Jenkins in CO with the help of a local club member, Dennis Holland. The car is believed to have been originally a CO car as well and was not "listed" anywhere, Dennis mentioned it in passing on the group. It was in my nephews garage for a couple months while I debated flying out and driving it back to PA but chickened out and shipped it, arriving early September. As it turned out it probably would have been a comfortable drive. Steve hadn't touched the car for the first month he had it, he had no interest in old cars, but once he did drive it he loved it and he actually was sorry to see it go even though the Imperial took up both spaces in his garage!

The car is very solid with a decent amateur restoration. With new metal plug wires and extenders it runs very smoothly. I've bought the missing Imperial script, new rear quarter trim panels and rear lights; I hope by spring the exhaust pods will be fabricated and chromed. Likely I will put real wire wheels on next spring as well. My intent is to run it in a historic rally or two next year. It is my first MoPar (literally after 50 other cars/trucks) and led directly to my buying a 1956 DeSoto Fireflite at auction in late September for my second Hemi. I haven't driven it yet so I don't know if it will be a "keeper".

Additional photos

Interior shots

From the rear


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