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My name is Priscilla and I am a 1958 Imperial. I am a white Crown coupe. We must have been right down the assembly line from one another as I was also a late run baby. I wound up in Rhode Island. My first owner, I believe her name was Audrey Chick (everyone called her Kitty) took me to Maine where she and Mr. Chick had a summer home. I was kept there. They would drive me all summer and return to Rhode Island in the winter, while I slumbered. They took great care of me, we had some great times together. All good things, as they say, must come to an end. In 1981, Mr. Chick passed away. I was already an aging car myself. I'm not sure why Mrs. Chick stopped driving me. Maybe it was the memories of her late husband, or perhaps her children had talked her into buying something newer, maybe smaller. I was driven into a barn on the Maine property. I sat in darkness for nearly twenty years. That was a very lonely time for me. I was sure that if those barn doors ever opened, a wrecker would be waiting to take me to the crusher. I was too young to die. One day the barn doors did open. Mrs. Chick's son came in. My goodness, he was a middle aged man already. Another gentleman named Jim accompanied him. They spoke as if they were making a deal. I was petrified with fear. Who was this Jim anyway? What did he want me for? I hoped he wasn't some freak who wanted to dismantle me to sell my parts. Apparently, a deal was struck and I was taken from my home for the first time ever. On the road, I saw strange looking cars all around, they had no fins. I took in Jim's yard unsure of my fate for almost a year. A
blizzard covered me in snow, that was cold. A few weeks ago, a new man entered my life. His name is Doug, and I have a good feeling about him. You should see the way he looks at me and caresses my fins. Doug trailered me to his home in Florida, somewhere down south. Just the fact that he took such a long journey just for me signifies that I've found true love. I am happy and secure for the first time in decades.

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