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Here's a bit of history on my car.  My '58 Imperial was sold new at Bob Wickett, Inc. of Sanbernadino, Ca. It was sold to a Evelyn  Day on 7/29/58.  She lived at Big Bear Lake Ca. She only owned the car for two years and sold in 1959-60 to a lady whom lived in Bloomington Ca. Her name was Anne Adams and she owned till 1974. 1974 to 79 it was owned by a Rodney Larkens again of Bloomington Ca and then he sold in '79/80 to a Joseph Marchisio of Hasperia, Ca, whom sold in 1993 to an Australian Dealer bound for South Australia. A guy in NSW then brought and then sold it to the guy I brought it from in Townsville QLD.

Her home now is Greenbank QLD.
If you live in California, you may have passed my Imperial on the roads 10 years or so ago.

Here in Australia, we never had cars' in '58 with power windows, seats, locks and steering and people are astonished to find everything this car has for it age because all cars built in Australia were lucky to even have an interior light.

Michael Maxwell


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