Jens Ole Jensen's 1959 Imperial Custom Sedan

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Jens Ole Jensen recently wrote in and shared some photos of his 'new''59 Custom Sedan. Looks like he's already hard at work stripping the car to bare metal. Maybe he'll write in soon with updates on this project!

13 Feb 2008:
Finally I got my projekt, 1959 4 door Custom Sedan on the frontpage of the 1959-site!! And your are asking for an update so here we go...

A lot of work will go into this car and that have always been my goal rather than buying a "restored" car, which in my opinion can obtain a lot of hidden "bondo" and so forth.  But I had not in my imagination could have chosen a better looking car, when finished, than this beuty. Well, there isnt a bit or piece, that dont need TLC but that will be my challenge.  My goal is to have it running, when it becomes 50 years or I will do the same ( I am a 1960r !)  This winther (2007-2008) i should have all the bodywork finished. The frame is done with complete new bushings all over, the drive line is still missing some parts not to forget the engine and trans..!  When I got the car from a junkyard in California or some other place, the engine was stock meaning shot/not moving. But I was lucky to get another engine in Minnesota with almost the same enginenumber and off course the 413.  Some other place referring to, that I yet dont know where my contact in the US got the car from. I hope some off you guys can tell from the pictures taken by my seller. Please take another look.......!  I am finding a lot of pieces on Ebay and off course among the clubs vendors, Bob Hoffmeister, George Laurie a.s.o.  It will be, to my knowledge, the only 4 Door in Denmark, when completet !  So enough on the update sofar...

Jens Ole

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