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Steve Restelli's 1959 "Elizabeth Arden" Edition Imperial

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from Steve Restelli:

This Imperial's name is "Bling", for obvious reasons. It is a fully loaded "Crown" with every option a 59 could have, including a beautiful Silvercrest Landau top. It was ordered from the January 1959 Vogue magazine and was built on February 18, 1959 and shipped to the Beaudry Motor Company in Tucson, Arizona.

It was bought in 1976 and the new owner from Massachusetts kept it in storage, moving it later to Vermont. It was used on a few rare occasions, the last being a wedding in 1987. I bought it in August 2007, is has 102,000 miles and is completely original. It has some dings and light surface rust, but has never been repainted. I replaced some of the seats with original '59 factory skins, which needed some minor panel repairs.

"Bling" will be happily touring the Vermont car show circuit this summer starting in May and will be relaxing by the lake house for the remainder of the season. Vermont is the most beautiful place to be in the summer and what more can you ask for that to travel through it in leisurely Imperial Elegance.

We hope Steve will share more photos of this beauty soon!

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What a nice surprise and a very nice honor to be be(stowe)d upon Bling, my 1959 Imperial. Stowe Vermont is one of the biggest in New England and they strictly limit their cars to 900 for a three day weekend (August 10-12, 2007).

I went there on Friday to pick up my registration packed for class 17 (unrestored cars postwar cars from 1958-1967). The 400 parts vendors were all set up and I scoured the parts area for anything for Bling. I did come up with a NOS Chrysler speaker, and some earlier tail lights, but nothing else. I now realize how rare Imperials are when you cannot find any parts in a really big show like Stowe, Vermont.

Saturday I spent the all day looking at all the cars, and these cars--all of them were really very nice! In fact I mentioned this may times in conversations with other participants. I couldn't decide which cars were deserving off winning, as they were all winners in my estimation. I realized that there were a lot of unrestored cars that looked much better over the years than mine did, but I did know that perhaps I may still have a chance due to the originality and options that Bling has. I really went there to have some fun and if I came in 3rd in my class I would have been elated.

Sunday afternoon was judging and then the awards ceremony, which would of a very long line of cars for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in some 48 classes. I didn't know that there were other special awards.

Upon returning to my return to my car, I was picking up and preparing to leave the show. I was greeted by Ken Squier who asked me if the Pink Imperial was mine? When I responded that it was he said I was needed to immediately drive it onto the awards runway where he would announce that I had been awarded the "Chairman's Award" for the show. I hurried up and wondered if the stage would hold my 5000 pound car? It did and it was only then that I realized what I had won one of the top awards given at the show.

The Chairman's award is given out by the 2 Co-Chairs of the Vermont Automobile Association. These 2 chairmen surveyed the some 900 cars at the show and decide which car they would like to drive home from the show. They had chosen my car above all the other beautiful classics, consisting of all Fords, Chevrolet's, Chrysler's, Corvettes, Porsche's, Pierce Arrows, Rolls Royce's, everything else!

I was truly humbled Bling (my Pink Crown Imperial Southampton Silvercrest) was their choice for 2007. Yes, this was very special, and I think Bling was blushing at all the attention and applause.

I would say that our fine Imperials are now really being appreciated for the true milestones that they represented when they were built. They are being noticed and more importantly appreciated for distinctions over all the cars contemporary to their time of manufacture.


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