Luxury Boats with '59 Imperial Engines

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Sent: 5/4/97


A bit of trivia for '59 enthusiasts.... Thumbing through an old LIFE magazine (June 1, 1959), I scanned the feature story on "Powerboats." On pages 45-46, they have accurate line drawings of about 21 boats from different companies, representing all sizes, from lil' fishing boats for 1 or 2 people, to yachts. Wouldn't you know, at the top of the line......

"FLYING BRIDGE CRUISER," a 42 footer, has all the comforts of home -- carpets, two lavatories, shower. The galley is equipped with electric icebox, stove with oven. It is powered by twin Chrysler [sic] Imperial engines. The Matthews Company. $43,500."

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