Burned 1959 Imperial 4-door Hardtop

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This car USED TO BE for sale from Richard Gavin. It now belongs to an IML member, and it's included here as an interesting oddity.


I took a look at the car (located at a body shop in Los Angeles) -- here are the details:

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Indeed a '59 (base model...not a Crown or LeBaron) -- 4dr hardtop with a stainless roof and standard decklid (with the big eagle medallion). Mileage unknown. Bad news...:-(

An electrical fire totally gutted the interior, cracked all the glass, buckled the roof and melted the "V" potmetal trim crosspieces.

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Good news...:-)

1) Judging from the nice chrome and decent looking repaint the car has undergone restoration. The body panels and chrome are rust free and straight. There is a small dent in the front bumper. The sweepspear on the driver's front fender is missing but other than that trim is complete as far as I can remember.

2) The engine compartment is ok except for burned wiring. The engine number stamped by the distributor is MR 413 (correct for '59) -- the air cleaner is incorrect and the valve covers are painted turquoise so I initially thought someone had dropped in a 440.

The car is restorable...all you need is parts, time and money. If you have a donor car with a complete interior (everything from the firewall to the trunkwall and the floor to the roof) you've got a great start.

The shop owner showed me a couple of burned out late model trucks he is restoring. First step is scraping out all the burned crud then sandblasting to bare metal. One project he has just started is a new Chevy Tahoe (150 miles) that caught fire while it was being towed behind a motor home (and you thought you had a bad day). Another is a Honda Passport -- the body has been popped off the frame, totally stripped and primed ruddy brown.

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Engine Compartment
Back Seat



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