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The following photos and captions are from the Chrysler-Imperial Times, Vol.3-No.6, May 25, 1959. Many thanks to Brett Snyder, who provided this information!

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Biggest Retail Driveaway in History of Imperial

The imposing lineup of 21 Imperial convertibles greeted 21 prominent Omaha, Nebraska, businessmen when they arrived at the Chrysler and Imperial Division to pick up their cars. Besides being the biggest retail driveaway in Imperial's history, the cars were identical - white exterior with blue leather upholstery. Extras include air conditioning, Auto-Pilot and Solex glass. The owners, all members of the Omaha Shriner's organization, will use the cars in parades and other fund-raising activities for the benefit of crippled children.

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59Driveaway-small.jpg (8k)
Visiting Dealers, Salesmen Praise Imperial Plant

STARTING FOR HOME - Destinations of these dealers and salesmen in Imperial plant yard include Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Many of the men who sell Imperial are getting their first look inside the new Imperial plant - and they like what they see.

Each week, dozens of dealers, sales managers and salesmen from various sections of the country are touring the plant as part of a current series of Imperial driveaways.

For all of them, the visit at the plant is the high point in their two-day visit to Detroit. Their praise of the new plant is unanimous...

59DateQueens.jpg (25k)
Queens Ride in Imperial Splendor

DATE FESTIVAL - More than 165,000 persons were at the nationally famous, week-long Date Festival in Indio, Calif. Imperial Motors of Indio provided Imperials for Queen Scheherazade, in center of hood, and her ladies in waiting.

JenningsMotors.jpg (21k)
Jenning's New Imperial Salon Draws Attention in Little Rock

A PROPER SETTING - This is the new salon for Imperial display now in use at Jennings Motors, Arkansas. Left to right are Mrs. Norma Hughes and Mrs. Mabel Steger.

The salon for the exclusive showing of Imperials has been in use approximately two months at Jennings Motors of Little Rock, Ark., with good results, reports Walter C. Jennings, head of the dealership.

"The public's reception to this type of display has been most gratifying, as we do not know of anyone in this section of the country representing any line that is using this sort of display," Jennings said.

The new salon has been advertised on radio and personal invitations to visit have been mailed to prospects.

The salon contains a complete Imperial display and sales room in the dealership. It has floor-length drapes on two sides, special lighting, a red carpet runner on each side of the car on display, and the Imperial eagle hanging from the ceiling over the car.

In one corner of the salon is an attractive office used exclusively for Imperial closings. The display serves as a backdrop for the office space, which is attractively furnished.

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