Hank Hallowell's 1959 Imperial Crown


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These photos and descriptions were recently sent in by Mr. Hallowell. Apparently he is a great fan of W.P. Chrysler's top-of-the-line Imperials. His many descriptions are short, but we hope he will take time out to provide us with many more details and many more close-up pictures.



This car is a 22,000 mile 2 owner 100% original car: special ordered new by a Doctor with everything on it including a gasoline heater for instant heat (for those cold winter house calls). Everything works (but I haven't tried the gas heat - yikes!). The silver crest roof is amazing-how they assembled the car without damaging the stainless sheet beats me!! It even had 2 of the original tires on it when I bought it! (Yes I saved them). Paint is original 1959 Enamel!


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We hope Mr. Hallowell will send more pictures and descriptions, and keep us posted on his Imperial adventures.


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