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Question from G. Baker: (1959):

I have 2 different types of 1959 tail light "rings", the kind with the Crown on them and another with a crest in the center where the Crown would be. What were used on LeBarons?


From N. Herman:

I believe that the crest was only used on the Custom series. The Crown was used in both the Crown and LeBaron.

From J. Sadowski:

From what it appears, both were used on the Crown. The LeBaron has double plain rings.

From N. Herman:

Not all LeBarons have the dual sets of rings. I think that was a mid-year change from singles to doubles. The sales brochures show only single rings. The Custom did use the crest, the Crown signified the step up the the mid-range Crown series. I don't know whether the single rings on the LeBaron were plain (without ribs), or whether that was a change as well to show the additional step up (eliminating the Crown emblem) to the top-line LeBaron.

From G. Baker:

Thanks for the info! I did not realize the crest rings were used on Customs. To me they look fancier so I thought they were a LeBaron feature

From B. Watson:

The Custom and Crown used the same rings (right inner 1810 610, outer 1810 611, and left inner 1810 612, outer 1810 613) but the Custom used the medallion (1810 740) and the Crown used the crown (1810 739). The rings had a depressed slots on the upper and lower halves.

The LeBaron used the above rings from the beginning of production to serial number 100199 on sedans and 100175 on hardtops.

From 100199 to 100320 on LeBaron sedans and 100175 to 100387 on LeBaron hardtops, the rings became smooth with a chrome finish - right inner 1690 828, outer 1690 829 and left inner 1690 830, outer 1690 831.

From serial number 100320 on LeBaron sedan and 100327 on LeBaron hardtops, a second set of rings was added ahead of the first set - right inner 2093 144, outer 2093 145 and left inner 2093 146, outer 2093 147. These rings are also smooth with a chrome finish.

Given that 1,132 LeBarons were built for 1959, the serial number on the final 1959 LeBaron was 101,132. The first change in the taillamp rings probably occurred in November and the addition of second ring in December.
Bill, Vancouver, BC

From M. Trendler:

LeBarons had double rings only with no crests or crowns on them.




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