1959 Imperial Two-door Wagon

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From: Simo Harkila

I finally found the Swedish "Wheels" magazine (Feb. 1994) where was an small article about the '59 Imperial Wagon. There was one small photo and text about as follows: "Officially there was no Imperial Wagon from the factory but it is rumored that they made a couple of prototypes of them. This car seems to be manufactured professionally and very long time ago, so could have been originally a wagon."

There wasn't any mention where this car has been found, but it is located in Sweden.

Photo from February 1994


Does anybody know which Special Interest Auto issue had that wagon article?





2013 UPDATE:



From: Kjetil Hansen

This picture was taken in Horten city in Norway summer 1980. I was the lucky guy driving it for some days back then.





2013 UPDATE:



These pictures were sent in by Roger Hassel.

Roger says: These are the only pictures I have of this car. This car is in a city called Sundsvall Sweden. Saw the car 10 years ago, and did not have a camera with me.




2019 UPDATE:


This video was discovered by Webmonster Kenyon in the Fall of 2019 ... please fast forward to 2:17




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