Brian and Sandra Bach's 1960 LeBaron Sedan

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From: Brian P. Bach

1960 Imperial LeBaron sedan; black, with grey cloth interior; loaded, MirrorMatic, etc.(except AC); unrestored.

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This LeBaron is the remainder of my previous Imperial collection, and the best. At one time had: 1960-LeBaron hardtop,custom, crown,Southampton (just missed a convertible).1958: 4 door sedan.1957:4 door sedan. All these were acquired in my 'almost penniless' late teen-early 20's days!

> From: Tony Lindsey
> I know what you mean - I have had many, many Imperials in my younger days,
> and I settled on my very favorite... Princess Hyacinth, the '61 Crown
> convertible. The rest have gone to deserving, motivated folks for
> restoration.
> When you say "sedan", you DO mean the pillared sedan, and not the hardtop,
> right? That's a darned rare car. That grey cloth is a very luxurious
> fabric, too. When can we see some pictures?

Yes, my LeBaron is a 4 dr post sedan (699 made, I'm pretty sure). Never could decide on a grand enough name: 'Potomac', 'Funereal Flagship' 'MegaMafiaMobile', that sort of thing... Mostly it's just THE LEBARON.

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