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This wonderful convertible was restored by JC Auto Restoration.  A full description of this car follows the thumbnails.




Chrysler made 618 of these cars in 1960 - they were marketed to an affluent client, and were advertised as "America's Most Carefully Built Car." It had a base price of $5,774 and weighed in at 4820 lbs. Its 129" wheelbase gives it a luxurious, comfortable ride. Standard items included: 413 engine with 350 horsepower, Torqueflite transmission, power steering and brakes, search-tune radio.

A Motor Life Review from 1960 says the following: "... interiors favor lush comfort with an attention to detail seldom found in any automobile. Seats have as much as six inches of foam rubber, with a separate seat back for the driver which supports shoulders and spine like few production cars ever have. There's a non-glare instrument panel with electro- luminescent light (metal dials coated with glowing phosphor), an improved auto pilot and swivel seats that chase doors open and closed...Driving the Imperial proved only that, like all previous large Chrysler products, it handled and rode better than anything else of its size on the road. For all its mass, it feels like a light car, with TorqueFlite transmission, power steering and power brakes doing everything they can to eliminate labor from driving....It handles like a dream for such a large car, with huge tires and measured suspension soaking up chuckholes like a thirsty sponge. Maintaining its successful engineering and widely accepted styling, the 1960 Imperial comes into the showroom as one of the most thoroughly proven cars in its class."

Features of this car

It is Regal Red with a matching interior, and has 6-way power swivel seats, power windows, power antenna, dual mirrors, and air conditioning.

Restoration work completed

In 1985, the car was re-painted in the original color. The engine and transmission were rebuilt, and it was re-upholstered in the original pattern and received a new top. The upholstery was redone in vinyl rather than the original leather. Following this work, the owner drove the car less than 1000 miles.

More recently (1998-9), a later owner again rebuilt the transmission, and had the radiator rebuilt, and had the complete suspension, brakes, and exhaust system done. He installed wide whitewall radial tires and replaced the shocks. He replaced the hydraulic top pump assembly. He also had us restore the electroluminescent gauges. He replated both the bumpers. This owner put about 10000 miles on the car.

We have replaced the drive shaft, installed a new center bearing, bearing support and universal joints. We have repaired all of the window switches and adjusted the window alignment.

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