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1960 Imperial Crown Convertible 1960 Imperial Crown Convertible, belonging to IML members Henry Hopkins and Richard Palmer. .
Convertible full front Convertible full front view. Thanks to Hans-H. Schoor for the photo!
Convertible, front angle Convertible, front angle view. Note the red 55/56 Imperial in the background as well... Thanks, again, Hans.
LeBaron Pillared Sedan LeBaron Pillared Sedan, Front View
Black LeBaron Southampton Black LeBaron Southampton, rear view
Black LeBaron Southampton Black LeBaron Southampton (above), front view
1960 Imperial LeBaron 4-door Sedan 1960 Imperial LeBaron 4-door Sedan, belonging to George Nadelhoffer.

Tailfins This picture shows the 1960 Imperial's distinctive, one-year-only tailfins - in the foreground is a black LeBaron, and in the background is a blue coupe
LeBaron taillight A closeup of the black LeBaron's taillight
Taillight-fondling This is a 1000-millimeter long-range photo of a row of Imperials at the Buena Park Imperial Statewide Meet. I was at least 100 feet away from the row of Imperials, standing on a trash barrel. I had no idea that the guy sitting in the chair would suddenly reach up to fondle the taillight lens, but I snapped the picture because it looked so cool. Imperial taillight-fondling happens more than you may realize. People can't seem to resist them!

LeBaron-series Wheelcover LeBaron-series Wheelcover - notice how the ring in the center is a separate, cast piece of chromed potmetal, bolted onto the wheelcover, rather than...
Crown and Custom-series Wheelcover ...the one part of a single, stamped wheelcover, as seen on the Crown and Custom-series Wheelcover

Broadcloth Swivel Seats LeBaron-series Gray Wool Broadcloth Swivel Seats
Crown-series Swivel Seats Crown-series Swivel Seats
Convertible, interior view Another from Hans-H. Schoor, the convertible's interior view. This car is absolutely gorgeous!
Crown Convertible Leather Swivel Seats Crown Convertible Leather Swivel Seats
Swivel Seat Release Lever Swivel Seat Release Lever

LeBaron Trunk Script LeBaron Trunk Script
Flitesweep Decklid Flitesweep Decklid
Flitesweep Emblem Flitesweep Emblem
Convertible Trunk Convertible Trunk

Rear Doorpanel Rear Doorpanel
Door Script Door Script
Dashboard Dashboard
Power Door Lock Switch Power Door Lock Switch
Passenger-side Window Switches Passenger-side Window Switches

Custom-series Fenderscript Custom-series Fenderscript
Crown-series Fenderscript Crown-series Fenderscript

Coupe Rear Window Coupe Rear Window - notice the metallic sheen at the top of the window; this was a sunscreen/heat barrier on tinted-window/air-conditioned coupes
Silvercrest Roof Option Silvercrest Roof Option - This was ONLY available on four-door hardtops (all series), and standard on LeBarons. These brushed stainless-steel panels had no function except to add beauty and style to the roofline, which was low enough to be seen from a standing position. The panels could conceivably be shortened about six inches and installed on coupes.
Sedan Window Frame Sedan Window Frame
Southampton Roofline Southampton Roofline
LeBaron Rear Window LeBaron Rear Window
LeBaron Crest LeBaron Crest, seen in its proper location on a...
LeBaron Rear Window ...LeBaron Rear Window

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