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From: fwdlook@mindspring.com (Brett C. Snyder)

>How were the color-combinations for 1960's roof-treatments chosen?
>Usually, there were pre-ordained color-choices, so folks couldn't get
>pink and green, for instance. Was there a chart in the dealer's

I got my information from the Ross Roy salesmen's data book. As with most other multi-color treatments, there's a list of color combinations that could be provided from the factory. 1960 Imperial two-tone combinations were as follows:

Major Color

Roof Insert Color

Sunburst Alaskan White*
Formal Black Sheffield Silver*
Glacier Blue Moonstone Blue
Moonstone Blue Midnight Blue
Midnight Blue Sheffield Silver*
Cedar Green Formal Black*
Light Mint Cedar Green
Silverpine Formal Black*
Sheffield Silver Executive Grey
Regent Ruby Formal Black*
Regent Ruby Sheffield Silver*
Regal Red Formal Black*
Dawn Mauve Dusk Mauve
Dusk Mauve Formal Black*
Beach Beige Powdered Bronze
Powdered Bronze Formal Black*
Formal Black Alaskan White

*indicates color combinations that are not reversible.

Two-tone color combinations were not available on LeBarons (because of the stainless steel inserts) as well as solid colors: Sunburst, Dawn Mauve, Regal Red, Dusk Mauve and Silverpine.

Since, as we know, Imperial customers are extra-special, I'm sure a local dealer would provide any color combination requested... even if it was pink & green. So if it wasn't listed here, that doesn't mean it didn't exist.

[Again, I'm awfully glad that your references are so extensive and complete - Trivia time - I once read that dealers were insisting that some 1960 (first-year) Valiants be shipped with an extra color-stripe just under the side windows (usually a rust-colored stripe on a white body), which _I_ thought was the last gasp of 1950's two-toning. I had no idea that Imperials were also in on this decorative idea. I've seen a few 1960 Imperials that were painted two-toned by the second or third owner, but the second color was always under the side sweep-spear. I always thought it looked ghastly. - Tony]

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