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I purchased my first car, 1965 Chrysler 300 2d Ht, at the age of 17 in July 1997. My brother had (and still has) 1964 Imperial Crown 4 door and I thought that it was the coolest car in the whole world. So I wasn’t quite happy with my Chrysler, ‘cause it had bucket seats, console and it wasn’t as big as my brothers Imperial. I like those options, but I think that they don’t fit to a big luxury car.At the summer 1998 I decided to let the Chrysler go. I found 1962 Imperial 2d Ht for Sale in Finnish us-car magazine. I gave the owner a call and he was interested to trade my Chrysler in his Imperial. He lived in Joensuu that is located 600 kilometres (375 us-miles) from Turku, where I live. Owner came to Turku to check my Chrysler and brought some photos of his ’62 with him, he liked my car and it was ok for him to make the deal. In August me, and a friend of mine, loaded the Chrysler in to truck and headed to Joensuu. It took 23 hours (19 hours of it was just driving), to get to Joensuu, load the Imperial in to truck and get back in Turku.
62 Interior
62 Interior
62 Door Panel
DS Door Panel
Door Switch
These two shots were taken by previous owner. Interior looks good, but it's vinyl, not leather. It's on the list of "62 Imperial - Things to do", but the time is not right for it now, cause there's many other things on that list too!!
62 On Truck
62 Side View
62 1998
First pic was taken when we were picking up the car. We had to stop somewhere between cities Joensuu and Lappeenranta 'cause my friend, who drove, was speedin' and while I took this picture he was sitting in a police car:)

Other two are taken when my car is at my hometown, Turku,

62 Front
62 In Snow
Broken Down 99
62 Show
62 Rear
Something wrong with the engine?taken just before engine rebuild! My 62 with 62 4dHt and 65 Chrysler 300 at the Finnish "Chrysler cars through the times" meet.  
62 Gas Station Car 62 62 Rear
  62 Rear  
I have done so much work to that car, put lots of money in to it, I’ve learnt many things about cars because of my Imperial. I even went to Turku polytechnic school to study Automotive engineering because of this hobby, so, I’m quite positive about the fact that I’m going to spend many years more with driving and enjoying of my ‘62.
Engine Engine Engine Work
Engine Engine
My ’62 had stood in garage since 1994.It needed some brake work, so did the steering gear. Previous owner gave me some suspension parts so I rebuilt the whole front end. There was also a leak in exhaust system, so I replaced entire exhaust system. I got it licensed in April 1999 and I was very happy to get it on the road again. It worked fine until the end of July, when everything started to go wrong. Power Steering Pump started to leak, so it was like driving without power steering, it needed some work. Then the distributor broke and because of that some gas got in to exhaust system and muffler blew up. It sounded like somebody had shot with a riffle. We took the new distributor, got the car working again and took it back home, but just before my hometown white smoke started to come out from exhaust pipe with some weird “shhhzzzz..” -noise. It was the head gasket. All of this at the same month! I decided to rebuild the engine. I did that with the help of my friend who has 1961 Imperial. I’ve been driving it every summer since I finished the engine. Now the transmission needs some repairing and Imperial needs also little things here and there and a new paint.

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