Mikko Behm's 1962 Imperial Custom Coupe

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My 1962 Imperial

I found this car in Feb. 1992 from my friends backyard, who is a car dealer. When I first saw this car, it was covered with snow and ice. But what I saw was huge front bumper and fine grille with beautiful headlamps. I took a fancy to that car right away. So I asked what car that is and my friend told it is an Imperial. I've heard that name somewhere and became more interested about that car.

So I started to move all the ice and snow from the car. What a job. Then I realize how big this car was. After I have moved all the snow and ice, we put the battery on its place and after several attempts the motor started.

What a beautiful sound. So I went to the test drive. Temperature was about -10 C (14 F) and I wondered if the heater working. So I started looking for heater linkages but I only found pushbuttons. Tha's cool I thought and I pushed one of the buttons. Suprice, there started coming warm air on the top vents. Everything worked fine, so I decide to buy this car. And next week I drove that fine car to new home.

After doing some more searching I found that car is 1962 Imperial Custom hardtop coupe. And there is only 826 made of this model. So I decide I keep this car. So I became a Imperialist.

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