1963 Chrysler Turbine Car

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Turbine History:

History of Chrysler Corporation Gas Turbine Vehicles from Chrysler Corporation; January 1964. The Remarkable New Gas Turbine Passenger Car; from Chrysler Corporation; 1962.
America's First gas turbine cars advertising by Chrysler; 1963. 1956 Turbine Introduction video from Chrysler Corporation.
Taming the Tornado; December 1961. Introduction of the 1962 Dodge Turbine endurance run from New York City to Los Angeles. Total distance covered was 3,000 miles in 4 1/2 days. Riding the Whirlwind; a Chrysler Promotional Film showing the 1962 Dodge Turbine at Daytonna Beach. The announcer hints at what's to come in less than a year!
Chrysler Turboflite Experimental from Motor Trend; May 1963. Introduction of the Turboflite; Rare silent footage of Virgil Exner Sr introducing the Turboflite running concept in 1960.
What Engines Lurk In Men's Minds? The Chrysler Turbine is no newcomer but could its coming be coming?; from Rod Action; June 1975. The History of the Chrysler Gas Turbine; from WPC News; September 1977.
1977 Chrysler LeBaron Turbine Concept designed by Chrysler stylist, Bob Marks. 1977 LeBaron Turbine; a silent film introducing the last of the unique-bodied Turbine cars. With a body designed by Bob Marks, it had had the Gen7 Turbine engine and featured many styling touches that carried forward to the 81-83 Imperial. The beginning of the film shows work being performed on its stablemate, a '76 Dodge Aspen fitted with the same powerplant.
The Turbine Video Archive; rare video footage of Chrysler's turbine project The Future of the Turbine; from Car and Driver; August 1962.

1963 Chrysler Turbine:

1963 Brochure includes official pictures and information on the 1963 Turbine Car. 1963 Turbine Photo Album
More on Engel's Turbine Car including promotional photos, a '63 car show handout, and a rare turbine engine introduction from 1955. Member Sightings - first-hand accounts and photographs from IML members who have seen and even ridden in the 1963 Turbine Car.
Turbine Confidential Technical Information from Chrysler Corporation; April 1963. Testing the Turbine; from Petersen's Complete Book of Plymouth, Dodge, & Chrysler.
I Drove the Chrysler Turbine; from Modern Motor; August 1963 Turbine in Bronze from Motor Trend; November 1979.
Jet Pilot, or "How I Stopped Traffic and Learned to Love the 1964 Chrysler Turbine Car"; from Motor Trend Classic; March/April 2006 1963 Chrysler Turbine; from Car Collector; July 2000.
Uncrating the Turbine; Rare silent footage of the arrival of the first Chrysler Turbine prototype from Ghia of Italy at Chrysler during the winter of 1962. The working name of this auto was Typhoon at this point. The Chrysler Turbine Car; History and Development leading up to the Chrysler Turbine for the 1964 customer trials.
New Power for Progress; Introducing the consumer-based trials for the 1963 Chrysler Turbine. 100 customers were selected to drive 50 cars. Chrysler used this film to help dealers understand how they could leverage the release by acting as hosts to the Turbine tour. Chrysler Clipper,; the world-wide tour of the new Chrysler Turbine lasting four months and included 24 cities in 21 countries on 5 continents
Life with the Lively Set; a promotion for the film, The Lively Set starring Casey Owens, Pamela Tiffin, Doug McClure, Joanie Summers, and the new Chrysler Turbine for 1963. The Lively Set movie features the 1963 Turbine Car in racing scenes, and gives separate attention to its engine.
The 1963 Chrysler Turbine demonstrates its unique sound in St Louis in 2007. Destruction of the Dream; filming of the destruction of 46 of the 55 Chrysler Turbine cars. This footage served as evidence to keep Chrysler from paying exhorbanent import tariffs due to their high manufacturing cost and country of origin.

Other websites covering the Turbine:

Allpar's Coverage of Chrysler's Turbine Car Program. 1963 Turbine Car User; a website dedicated to the memory of these jet-engined beauties.

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