1965 Dodge (including Dodge Truck) Line-Up From the Chrysler Sales Booklet

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Below is the Dodge section of the 1965 Chrysler Corporation booklet.  It covers the Dart, Polara, Coronet, Custom 880 and the Monaco.   There is also a section covering the Dodge Truck division, which we are combining on this page.  Please click here if you would like to view that section.  Please click on any of the small images to view a larger picture.  Each model is grouped together, as they are in the booklet, and includes valuable information on each car and its options and body styles.  We also have larger, printable versions of these files available.


Introduction to the Plymouth Division, including Dart, Polara, Coronet, Monaco & the Custom 880.
The compact Dodge for '65, the Dart, was available in 3 body styles: the station wagon and the two or four-door sedan.
Darts were also available in the Dart 270 model..."More fun because there's more of it." 

A sporty version of the Dart, the Dart GT, was available in 2 body styles: the convertible and the two-door hardtop.

Coronet, Dodge's new model in 1965, offered 3 body styles: the two or  four-door sedans and a station wagon.

 Coronet was also available in a special 440 version: "Lots more than you bargained for in style, size, and spirit."

And if that wasn't enough, Dodge also offered a Coronet 500 in 2 body styles: the convertible and the two-door hardtop.

Polara was available in 5 body styles: two or four-door hardtop, four-door sedan, convertible and station wagon.

The Custom 880: "If elegance were spelled in numbers, this would be it!"

The '65 Dodge Monaco was only available in the two-door hardtop body style.

Dodge Monaco has a new, roomier interior.


Dodge Truck

The Custom Sport Special truck from Dodge came optional with a 426 cubic inch engine.

The new Dodge compact truck line includes the Dodge A100 compact vans, Sportsman wagons and pickups.

The 1965 Dodge Tilt Cab Diesel truck was "built with the driver and mechanic in mind."











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Presenting Dodge Part I Presenting Dodge Part II
Dart Part I Dart Part II
Dart 270 Part I Dart 270 Part II
Dart GT Part I Dart GT Part II
Coronet Part I Coronet Part II
Coronet 440 Part I Coronet 440 Part II
Coronet 500 Part I Coronet 500 Part II
Polara Part I Polara Part II
Custom 880 Part I Custom 880 Part II
Monaco Part I Monaco Part II
Monaco Interior Part I Monaco Interior Part II

Dodge Truck

Dodge Trucks Part I Dodge Trucks Part II
Compact Trucks Part I Compact Trucks Part II
Diesel Truck Part I Diesel Truck Part II


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